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More About Our Organization

At Facing Change, P. A, we have found that many of those who suffer from mental health issues turn to drinking, drugs, or self-medication. This is often an effort to be social with others or to minimize stress. Many will not change until they lose something that they were not prepared to live without. We hope to provide those in need with genuine help before this occurs.

About Us

Our private practice began on November 21, 1990, in a sublet room with one client. Less than one year later, a full-time practice emerged, and on September 9, 1991, new office doors were opened for business at 4 Park Street in Lewiston. We are pleased at how our specialties and interests have been utilized in our clients' cases, and our team continues to expand agencies, programs, policies, and procedures.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling

Substance abuse and mental health counseling are available in both individual and family settings, and may cover:

Alcohol Abuse & Dependence | Drug Abuse & Dependence | OUI/DEEP Evaluations & Treatment | DHHS Family Reunification | Family Interventions/Divorce/Couples Counseling | Counseling Those Affected by Someone with Substance Abuse Problems | Anger Management | Meeting Conditions of Probation or Court Orders | Adolescent Problems | Codependency Issues | After-Care Plans Following Intensive Outpatient "IOP" or Inpatient Treatment | Managing with Feelings of Anger, Depression & Anxiety | Trauma/Grief & Loss/Death & Dying | Healing from Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse | Tobacco Treatment | Compulsive Disorders Related to Food/Sex

Adult Community Integration Services

We are happy to offer a mental health counselor to assess the needs of each client. Clients are provided with a case manager to help connect them to resources within the community and ensure they are utilizing all of the aid they need. Areas in which a case manager may provide assistance include:

Housing | Employment | Education | Social Relationships | Counseling | Medical & Mental Health Services | Community Participation